The Business Applications Deficit – PointBeyond’s Application Strategy Survey 2011

Business applications are the tools that a company must harness in order to succeed. There are numerous examples, such as finance systems, CRM, project management, order processing and contract management to name just a few. Many organisations struggle to implement business applications in a timely and cost effective way. Our survey helps to uncover the extent of the problem and the reasons behind it.


The PointBeyond Business Application Strategy Survey asked 209 IT decision makers, in organisations with over 250 staff, a range of questions based on their experience of delivering applications. The survey revealed that, far from empowering them, there is a backlog of undelivered applications that is slowing organisations down. PointBeyond has termed this backlog the Business Applications Deficit.

This whitepaper describes how, in challenging times organisations can struggle to deliver the applications when and where they really need them. Instead of profiting from their application portfolio, many are chasing a wasteful, potentially crippling backlog. In effect, these businesses are running to stand still.

The Business Applications Deficit is a consequence of various factors including an increasing number of technology options, growing demand from the business and restrictive budgets. The situation is further compounded by a lack of strategic vision. Companies with a Business Applications Deficit now are unlikely to reduce their deficit unless they take decisive action.

So the message is clear: the winners of the future will reduce their deficit now by adopting a strategic approach to application delivery. This may include looking at new and innovative ways of delivering business applications. By doing so they will keep pace with the demands of their business using the most appropriate applications and be in a position to realise measurable success. Those that fail to do this will almost certainly regret it.

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