Document Management, Numbering and Transmittals

GBM Minerals Engineering Consultants Limited (GBM) is an independent firm of consulting engineers specialising in assisting clients with the development, design and construction of new mining projects and the refurbishment of existing ore processing plants and associated infrastructure.

The company’s expertise is in the design, engineering, project management, procurement and construction of such plants. GBM are currently providing technical services to the mining industry in Central Asia, Europe, Russia, Former Soviet Union, Africa, the Americas, Greenland and the Middle East.

In common with other engineering companies, careful and accurate tracking of documents is critical. GBM’s Engineering Manager, Joe Russell, explains:

“The documents we work with relate to multi-million pound installations of processing equipment. If we send out the wrong version of a document then the impact and cost of that mistake could be significant. We must have 100% confidence that our documents are being appropriately controlled and issued”.

Combining Nintex Workflow 2010 with SharePoint 2010

GBM needed a solution where a user, working within a project area, can choose a document from a predetermined set of templates. The document is then numbered using a Nintex workflow and a special set of rules for number generation.

When several documents have been created, they can be selected to form a transmittal for issue to GBM’s client. Nintex Workflow 2010 is used to build and track each transmittal.

Use of Nintex Workflow 2010 means that it is now possible to automate the publishing of transmittals to GBM’s SharePoint extranet site and to automatically build and send emails to clients detailing the contents of each transmittal. Additionally, alerts are raised if transmitted documents are updated and client acceptance of transmittals is automatically tracked. Previously, these steps were completed manually, incurring additional time and costs.

The solution quickly brought benefits to the engineers at GBM. Joe Russell explains:

“The solution has reduced our workload, improved our accuracy around document control and increased our clients’ satisfaction. It has made our document control process part of the way that we work, not additional overhead that we have to do in addition to our work”.

The GBM team find the combination of SharePoint and Nintex Workflow 2010 powerful and easy to use. Critically, they have been able to take on most of the management and enhancement of workflows themselves and are now planning to make use of Nintex in various other areas of the business. Joe Russell concludes:

“The combination of SharePoint and Nintex Workflow 2010 gives us the ability to quickly deliver and support our business applications through configuration, without having to get custom code written. This reduces our costs considerably and empowers us to quickly make the changes that we need”.


GBM Minerals Engineering Consultants





Organisation Challenge:

  • Consistent management and numbering of controlled documents
  • Tracking the documentation sent to clients using a transmittal system
  • Challenges of securely sharing large documents
  • Legacy system that was hard and slow to use

Key Technology:

SharePoint 2010 with Nintex Workflow 2010


  • Reduced workload
  • Improved accuracy and compliance with document control policies
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Platform for improving other business processes

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