In our last blog post we loooked at how with Power BI can you can take data, work with it in Excel, create visualisations, and publish to a Power BI site. Power BI does not end there though, once you

Power BI

Power BI is an offering from Microsoft that actually encompasses a suite of products. Essentially it is a self service business intelligence solution using Excel and Office 365 that enables end users to work within a controlled framework, to do

PointBeyond were announced winners of the Nintex Partner Solution Innovation EMEA Award at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington.

Watch this short video to get a short introduction to the No-Code approach to business solution delivery.

Ian Woodgate talks you through the high level idea of favouring configuration of tools over using traditional custom

My Power BI session at London’s SharePoint Evolution Roadshow last week proved popular, and there is a lot to like about this new Excel and cloud based business intelligence solution from Microsoft.