Who We Are

PointBeyond is a SharePoint Strategy and Business Solutions specialist. We deliver business solutions using SharePoint in combination with best of breed technologies from our partners such as K2 and Nintex. We enjoy what we do, and we are passionate about SharePoint.

Business Experience

We believe that the use of any technology, including SharePoint, should meet clearly defined business objectives. It is this focus on delivering business benefit and value that underlies our approach to all projects.

Our SharePoint Consultants have first-hand experience of working with organisations across a variety of industries, including engineering, finance, IT, legal, education, manufacturing and public sector. We appreciate that each organisation faces its own unique challenges, but are equally conscious that there are common challenges that cut across industries.

Technical Excellence

Our team prides itself on having an excellent knowledge of SharePoint, Project Server and our partners’ technologies. We take training and certification seriously and aim for all of our technical staff to be Microsoft certified within six months of joining us. We actively encourage knowledge and skills sharing within the team.

PointBeyond constantly strives to improve the quality of its services to ensure that we are always in a position to deliver the most appropriate solution to our customers.

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